Zoey deutch as   Eva   Moore created by Team Aly Family Moore /Spencer Gender female Born 1995 Age 18 Occupation freshman at UCLA Residence Los Angeles, California

  • (Eva Moore a fictional character of Fan Fiction series (The Fearless Signature) 
Eva Moore is the Daughter of Anna Moore and Bill Spencer

background Edit

Daughter of a single mother name Ann Moore from false creek trailer park; who got pregnant with her

At eighteen by billionaire Bill Spencer; who wanted nothing to do with Eva or her mother Anna.

But he made sure Eva got the best education and kept a watchful eye on her.  

Growing up Eva always stood out from other kids, outspoken, tough, rebellious always getting into

Trouble, to fights with the girls at her privet schools, to Selling SAT Answer sheets, To Joying riding with                                    

Her bad boyfriends.

Biography                                                                                                                       Edit

Now Eighteen   and a freshman   at UCLA; with her cousin Darren Moore son of Becky Moore. Eva tries puts all her focus having

a normal life in college which is easier said than done Eva decides to confront the man never wanted her but he can accept his

Sons he never knew he had his life.

Eva makes her presences know to bill and her two older brothers, Wyatt and Liam spencer.  

Wyatt and Liam talk Eva into giving bill chance.  

Feeling angry Eva still wasn't ready to turn her back on her brothers; who wanted nothing

More to get to know her.  

So she gives Bill a chance.

Her family is complicated watching her two brothers fight over the same girl.

And so is her love life. When she has to deal with her boyfriend’s

Parents who don’t even know her looking they’re nose down on her

Because she who she is related too and what her last name is.